‘ROBOCAR POLI Halloween song’ album, worldwide sales to start on October 10!

ROI VISUAL to introduce <Robocar Poli Halloween Song> in celebration of Halloween to the children of the world. Robocar Poli Halloween Song, what promises to be a new look of Robocar Poli, will be released on October 10 on global music platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, Melon and Genie. The album arranged the world-famous children’s songs with unique characteristics of Robocar Poli and produced a delightful Halloween story with Robocar Poli as its concept. Sound recordings include <Halloween Invitations>, <Halloween is Coming>, <Halloween Ghosts>, <Halloween Candy>, and ▶<Happy Halloween>, for a total of five songs, and are available in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.  Starting in mid-October, Halloween contents will be released gradually starting on ▶YouTube <Robocar Poli TV>.

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