‘ROBOCAR POLI’, let’s meet at Starfield Hanam Aquafield

On September 30, an indoor water park kid zone decorated with <Robocar Poli> opened at Starfield Hanam Aquafield.  ROI VISUAL and Shinsegae Construction remodeled the kid zone of Aquafield in Hanam with Robocar Poli contents. Aquafield at Hanam is an urban indoor spa resorts that draws family visitors throughout the year. Located in Starfield Hanam, the complex is equipped with a variety of facilities such as a spa, indoor, outdoor water park, and sauna.
 ROI VISUAL created diverse areas in kid zones at which the children can enjoy water activities along with Robocar Poli’s various characters and can take pictures at photo zones. In addition to the main characters of the Robocar Poli rescue team, popular characters as ‘Poke’, ‘Spooky’, ‘Cap’, and ‘Posty’ are also present and fan meetings with Robocar Poli and various other events are also planned in the future.
 Special programs for children’s safe water activity are also planned. Visitors can join water safety exercises along with Robocar Poli music, and educational programs in cooperation with the fire department are being planned in which the children and parents can participate together.

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