ROI VISUAL Reunites With Gulli For Robocar POLI’s Another Leap

ROI VISUAL and Gulli signed an agreement on Robocar POLI’s TV broadcasting and VOD service rights in France, at the Brand Licensing Europe in London on 20 September.

Gulli TV, which led Robocar POLI to a huge success in France from 2012 to 2017, is fully ready with various media strategies to make it leap again. Planeta Junior also joins in as a licensing partner to provide support. Through the know-how, these three companies are eager to make Robocar POLI another hit in France once again.

In a special movie and season 5 of Robocar POLI, new characters emerge in the background of the desert, including a new rescue team and a cute little car. Especially “Droney”, the first-ever drone character who transforms into a robot, has gained great popularity in the countries already aired.

With a start in France, ROI VISUAL expects Robocar POLI will make a successful comeback in the European market. Their confidence is based on the educational effects it has. Robocar POLI has an impressive reputation as safety education content for children. This shows in the article in UK’s Independent last year, which covered the story of a 33-year-old woman in the West Midlands, Kayleigh Boffey. When she suffered from abdominal pain from a hernia, her 3-year-old son Thomas Boffey called 999 as he had learned in Robocar POLI and saved his mother’s life. In this article, the Independent introduced Robocar POLI as a Korean animation that shows a police car, ambulance, and fire truck, which tells children how to deal with emergencies.  In fact, in South Korea, Robocar POLI has been appointed as an honorary police officer and firefighter. South Korean authorities even changed related regulations to present honorary positions for a fictional character.

These are great examples of how Robocar POLI could survive in a highly-competitive children’s contents market for more than 10 years. It is a series of transformative robot cars that kids love and also contains educational content and themes, which makes children and parents all happy.

ROI VISUAL often receives emails that contain similar stories from fans all over the world. These include a story of an Indian family, which their child exactly reported a fire and evacuated as learned in Robocar POLI, and a Swedish father, which his 3-year-old daughter who never learned English made her father surprised by saying “Watch out dad, it is slippery” in English after watching Robocar POLI. Across all languages and cultures, many parents who were surprised by the educational effects of Robocar POLI are sending emails to show gratitude for the animation.

It will be no surprise that Robocar POLI’s new series seize Europe once again.