ROBOCAR POLI, Getting even more popular in Southern Europe

After ROI VISUAL launched <Robocar POLI> successfully both on ClanTV of Spain and on Canal Panda of Portugal, it has started its business in Southern Europe in earnest. After Spain’s ClanTV had a successful launch of <Robocar POLI>’s season 1 and 2 earlier this year, it has decided to air season 3 and 4 of <Robocar POLI>. Since Portugal’s Canal Panda aired the whole series of <Robocar POLI> last September, the series has been very popular.
 There is also Robocar POLI Cinema Promotion going on in Netherlands as well as in Russia. In Netherlands, <Robocar POLI> Cinema Promotion was held at about 60 theaters on October 27 before airing its season 3 and 4. And in Russia, the promotion will be held at about 650 theaters all around Russia at the end of November.
Meanwhile, there has been successful sales promotion selling DVDs, publications, etc going on at more than 450 branches of the big-box store Albert Heijin since the beginning of October.

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