Rescue activity educational experience underway with popular demand

 ROI VISUAL’s first ever Korean multi-user experience rescue activity program that combines character IP is receiving enthusiastic response. 
<Robocar Poli, save our friends on Earth!> is a social contribution activity hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and organized by the Korea Creative Content Agency, where “Robocar Poli” content will be used for rescue activities, education, video and rescue product design, and interior design.

The program, along with Robocar Poli, will feature storytelling to help the needy and become a true aid worker in the global community, and will carry out missions such as “Create a Rescue Kit,” “Create a Sanitary Rescue Aid,” “Creating a School for Friends” and “Saving Your Friends at Risk.” Robocar Poli will award all children who finish entire missions with Rescue Activist Certificates. <Robocar Poli, save our friends on Earth!> runs through Nov. 30 at Content Multi-User Lab in Gyeonggi-do and can be visited through advance reservation.

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