Robocar POLI “Recommended Animation the World Over” During Social Distancing

<Robocar POLI> is the go-to animation that the parents can rely on to show their children while being cooped up at home in this new COVID-19 era.

On March 12, in the article titled “Educational Animations I would Recommend Showing to Children on [Netflix, Amazon, and Disney Channel]”, Japanese media ‘BIGLOBE News‘ introduced <Robocar POLI> as “popular animation available on Disney Junior Channel in Japan, educating kids on cooperation and traffic safety that are essential to children”, along with <Doc McStuffins> <Pororo the Little Penguin>, and <Thomas & Friends>. 

The Quebec publication of HuffPost Canada reported that “Tele Quebec” has organized special programming for the families staying home for COVID-19, and recommended <Robocar POLI>.  Similar recommendations have appeared in the USA, Spanish, and French media.

<Robocar POLI> is currently available worldwide on Netflix, and the English version of Netflix recommends <Robocar POLI>, identifying the show as having “Clever Characters”. ‘iQiyi’, the Chinese Netflix, reported that <Robocar POLI> season 3-4 took the number 1 spot in the last week of March.

In Korea, <Robocar POLI> Safety Series are being provided free of charge in “Free Home-Schooling Special Hall” in response to COVID-19, that are being serviced by ZEM Kids of SK B TV. ROY VISUAL is actively involved in social contribution to distribute its safety contents free of charge, using its safety-conscious brand image in the current times, where safety has become a social requirement. They also released the <Robocar POLI Play Nursery Rhyme> album and established four nursery rhyme channels on YouTube in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. The company is planning to expand their online platform contents by launching 6 types of mobile games within this year.