Animation , selected as a safety educational content authorized by the National Fire Agency!

The main characters of the animation Robocar POLI produced by ROI VISUAL(Rep. Lee Dong Woo), Poli, Roy, Amber, and Helly, are appointed as honorable fire fighters for the first time as an animation character.

  Today(18th), ROI VISUAL and the National Fire Agency had a signing ceremony at Sejong government building to establish safety culture for children, and also had an appointment ceremony to appoint the main characters of <Robocar POLI> as honorable fire fighters.

It was the first time for National Fire Agency to appoint an animation character as a fire fighter. For this reason, the title for them became an ‘Honorable fire fighter’ which means an honorable honorary fire fighter instead of an honorary fire fighter which is commonly used on a person.

 From now on, ROI VISUAL is going to keep on conducting a campaign with National Fire Agency to establish safe society for children by using the Robocar POLI characters.

 The animation <Robocar POLI> has been aired in 140 countries in the world and loved for its  rescue team character keeping children safe.

 Especially, it has communicated how to prevent and deal with safety accidents by the character Roy’s <Fire Safety with ROY> and the character Amber’s <Daily Safety with AMBER>. Also, it has already led the fire fight safety education for children by its <Fire fight safety class for children> cooperating with local fire institutions every year in Korea.

 National Fire Agency has consulted and supervised 52 safety programs of ROI VISUAL so far. And ROI VISUAL is planning to distribute <Fire Safety with ROY> and <Daily Safety with AMBER> to 250 fire institutions including fire safety experience centers and use it as a safety educational content for children. The contents are not only about fire safety such as gas fire safety, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how to call 911 but also about how to be safe in the playground or at home every day.

 Representative Lee Dong Woo said, “it is so meaningful that <Robocar POLI>’s characters are appointed as honorable fire fighters by National Fire Agency for the first time as an animation character. We will keep providing various kinds of safety educational programs cooperating with National Fire Agency so that we can contribute to building children’s safety habits and establishing the safe society ”  

Meanwhile, ROI VISUAL has conducted the project <Robocar POLI traffic Safety Campaign with HYUNDAI Motors> since 2013 and operated free traffic safety experience center in Nowon-gu, Seoul, Gongju-si, and Goyang-si as one of corporate philanthropic activities. In China, Robocar POLI has served as an honorary ambassador of traffic safety campaign or children since 2014 and conducted Robocar POLI traffic safety campaign in India since 2015. Also, in Russia, Robocar POLI  has been reproduced as contents of the traffic safety educational book authorized by Russian Ministry of Education.

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