Taiwan’s Top ROBOCAR POLI Reaches Indonesia

Shows and events of Robocar POLI are having a constant stream of visitors in Taiwan and Indonesia.

The appearance of POLI gained huge popularity at the FAM GO FEST hosted in Jakarta in time for the Christmas season. The Robocar POLI Live Show & Meet and Greet event, held in Surabaya, the second largest city of Indonesia from January 17th to the 26th, was also crowded with fans.

Taipei, Taiwan, the POLI Happy New Year! show is on, in time for the Lunar New Year. This is the second show hosted in Taipei, since the success of the first show last summer that sold over 10,000 tickets. Taiwan’s drugstore brand Great Tree Pharmacy (大樹藥局) is having a promotion on Robocar POLI baby formula, where the baby formula purchaser will receive a limited edition Robocar POLI toy. Robocar POLI is the most beloved children’s TV animation character, and promotions are being offered in partnership with premium formula brands, baby stores, and pharmacies since 2015.