“Robocar POLI SongSong Museum” which was a big hit in Korea will now be broadcast to international viewers in the autumn

The new series of Robocar POLI that was unveiled by ROI VISUAL in two years, “Robocar POLI SongSong Museum” has completed its successful broadcast in Korea and is about to foray into the global market.

SongSong Museum was broadcast on EBS, a public broadcaster focusing on educational topics. It was ranked among the top 10 nursery rhymes by OllehTV ‘Kids Land’ and ‘SK Btv Zem Kids’, showing the positive response it received from viewers. ROI VISUAL is currently preparing the distribution for the show’s broadcast in Russia, China, Japan and Taiwan this autumn.

Although SongSong Museum is yet to be unveiled to the public in these markets, the popularity of Robocar POLI is still quite high. In a survey on the TV viewership for the early 2020 conducted by Disney Junior Japan, “Traffic Safety with POLI” and “Fire Safety with ROY” were ranked first and second, respectively, in addition to four series of programs being ranked among the top 10.

In the Chinese market, too, Robocar POLI was ranked among the top 3 in a viewership survey of the top 30 animated films of 2019, conducted by ‘Aniworld TV’, a channel dedicated to animated films that is owned by Hunan TV. Starting in August, “Fire Safety with ROY” was officially launched on 10 media channels including Beijing IPTV, Guangdong IPTV, Shaomi TV (GiTV). During the fourth quarter of the year, musicals will also be performed in more than seven Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin.

In Spain and Portugal, the respective channels of CLAN TVE and Panda joined forces with the toy manufacturer, Toy Partner to hold an online quiz contest on traffic safety featuring Robocar POLI to great acclaim.

The ongoing popularity even before a new episode has come out is seen by ROI VISUAL as a sign that the interest in and demand for content on safety education has grown, due to COVID-19 and also thanks to the virtuous cycle created by new fans.

Robocar POLI that will start the global distribution starting in the autumn will feature 26 episodes of music videos that combine 25 popular nursery rhymes such as “Wheels on the bus” “Twinkle twinkle little star” “Old MacDonald had a farm”, and a storyline. The educational content help with children’s emotional development and let them learn about the concept of time, friendship and animals in the process of singing along to the music videos.

Executive Director SeungHo Shin who is in charge of the new media business at ROI VISUAL commented, “Nursery rhymes is one of the most popular musical content genres on YouTube. Since these songs have been loved by many over the years, this does not signify a huge change in trends but this also means IP characters worldwide are engaged in heated competition. Robocar POLI SongSong Museum is a well-made musical animated film and thus is anticipated to be loved in the nursery rhymes market for a long time. We plan to market the program not only on YouTube but also on other global platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.”

Robocar POLI features content that focuses on safety education for children, with topics such as traffic, fire and daily life. The company is also currently developing content and products that enable children to spend a fun time learning at home as more time is spent at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.