‘ROBOCAR POLI’ confirmed to be aired in Portugal, Spain and Japan!

 It is settled that one of world’s top animation <Robocar POLI> has been confirmed to be aired on major channels of Spain, Portugal and Japan. Portugal’s Canal Panda has aired the entire series of <Robocar POLI> since September 19th and Spain’s ClanTV and Panda will air season 3 and 4 of <Robocar POLI> in early 2020. 

 Especially, It means a lot more that Spain’s ClanTV decided to air season 3 and 4 of <Robocar POLI> after the success of season 1 and 2.

Japan’s Free TV Disney Life has aired the entire original series of Robocar POLI and its spinoffs, <Traffic Safety with POLI>, <Fire Safety with ROY> and <Daily Safety with AMBER> in order since July.

As soon as Robocar POLI starts to be aired, ROI VISUAL is going to start toys and licensing business with the licensing partners in each country and raise Robocar POLI ‘s brand awareness.