‘ROBOCAR POLI’ x YOUKU, Promotions across subways, airports and buses throughout China

YOUKU, one of the three largest video platforms in China, is undergoing a China-wide promotion, ‘Robocar Poli YOUKU content partner co-marketing plan (优合计划)’ with globally popular character, Robocar Poli.
 YOUKU has been promoting the best contents per category since March of this year on all outdoor media across China.  Robocar Poli has been selected in the animation category and <Robocar Poli Season 1>, <Traffic Safety with POLI>, <Fire Safety with ROY> have been showing at subways, buses and airports.

The promotion started from July 1 to coincide with summer holidays and plans to expand to all regions including Nanning, Nanchang, and Chongqing, Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Xiamen.
 ROI VISUAL expects that this opportunity to showcase the Robocar Poli characters that were mainly available on video format in offline space will be instrumental in expanding the fan base of Robocar Poli.