Robocar POLI’s New Series “Robocar POLI SongSong Museum” to Premier on July 2!

The new Robocar POLI series is revealed to the long-awaited fans. The globally popular animation <Robocar POLI>, distributed in 35 languages in 144 countries around the world, finally returns with its new <Robocar POLI SongSong Museum>. The first episode will air on July 2 on EBS, and will be broadcast every Thursdays and Fridays.

The <Robocar POLI SongSong Museum> includes the new mission of Robocar POLI rescue team to find the songs that the children will like from the new museum in Brooms Town. The episodes comprise of 26 nursery rhymes that are popular worldwide, such as “Twinkle twinkle Little Star” and “If You’re Happy” These songs have been arranged to accommodate Robocar POLI’s uniqueness. By watching, listening, and singing along to the familiar melody and various rhythms of the music video, children will be able to develop their emotions.  

The <Robocar POLI SongSong Museum> is an ambitiously developed project since <Daily Safety with AMBER> in 2018 and the first spin-off within the last two years, other than the “Safety” series. There are total of 26 five-minutes episodes. ROI VISUAL, the production company, targets the <Robocar POLI SongSong Museum> for children between the ages of 2 and 5, which is lower than the target age of the original Robocar POLI series. ROI VISUAL anticipates that these music animations will be easier for the infants and toddlers to be more interested than the stories of rescue team in emergency situations, ultimately expanding the fan base of Robocar POLI to include younger children.

The reaction from the industry also seems to agree with the outlook. ROI VISUAL says that not only the three IPTVcompanies SK Btv, Olleh TV, and LG U+TV, but also JTBC and Daegyo Children TV already signed the contract to distribute the program and the rights are already sold to Taiwan and Japan as well.

Meanwhile, Robocar POLI, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has been appearing on tvN dramas <Hi Bye, Mama!> and <Hospital Playlist>, and reality shows, such as <The Return of Superman>, and <Welcome, First Time in Korea?>, boasting undying popularity. Robocar POLI has over 5.6 million followers and 9 billion cumulative views from around the world, including new media platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. This new release of <Robocar POLI SongSong Museum> is sure to quench the thirst of its fans who have waited a long time for a new release.