Russian Children’s NO.1 Super Hero ROBOCAR POLI

 7 years ago, after being aired first in Russia, Robocar Poli’s <Daily Safety with AMBER> began airing on Karusel early this year. With this, The entire series including Robocar POLI’s original series and the spinoffs has been aired on Russia’s major channels like Karusel tv, MULT TV, ANI, Mult Music, etc.

Especially, <Daily Safety with AMBER> which is being aired on Karusel became sensational right after its release and it ranked ‘2nd in Foreign polular characters’ and ‘1st in Judges’ choice’ of The Best International Hero at the Karusel’s 2018-2019 Chidren’s Animation Awards, reminding us how polular it is.

Robocar POLI is also leading the activities to build the right traffic culture of Russian children. <Robocar POLI The Safety program> which has been continued since 2017 is part of the social education projects to teach Russian preschool children how to be safe on the road and how to prevent a car accident through the classes with teachers, educationalists and child education experts.

Meanwhile, ROI VISUAL is planning to launch new lacensing products utilizing Robocar POLI characters such as toys, food, beverage and books later this year.