Christmas season, Meet new ROBOCAR POLI toys at the ToysRus Asia!

 ‘ROI VISUAL’ is going to launch new Robocar POLI toys at the ToysRus Asia.

The total number of newly launched toys are 11 in including POLI Microphone, POLI Castle Stacker, POLI First Phone and Workshop Playset and they will be available at the ToysRus Asia during this Christmas season. The concept of the new toys is the combination of education and toys so that preschool children can easily enjoy them. Especially, QR code is inserted in each toys so that both children and parents can enjoy learning play watching Robocar POLI’s media contents with mobile devices. The media contents are going to be about how to prevent safety accidents in children’s daily lives.

 Also, ROI VISUAL is planning to launch these new Robocar POLI products not only in Asia such as China, Japan and Taiwan but also all around the world.