Tencent Video Launches ‘Fire Safety with ROI’

The video platform Tencent Video (腾讯视频) of Chinese Tencent launched <The Fire Safety with ROI> on January 25th.

Launched in time for the Lunar New Year celebrations, <The Fire Safety with ROI> series reached a total number of 2 million hits within four days of the release on Tencent Video. The previously released series, Robocar POLI Earthquake Safety, reached approximately 1.3 billion hits cumulatively.

Aside from Tencent Video, Robocar POLI released the Robocar POLI seasons one through four on the Chinese Netflix equivalent, Iqiyi, and the Robocar POLI Safety series on the Chinese Youtube equivalent, Youku. The total number of hits on all three platforms add up to 3.2 billion (in 2018), proving the popularity of Robocar POLI all around China.

<The Fire Safety with ROI> series shows the Robocar rescue team dispatched to daily fire-related situations the curious boy Peter and his friends experience at school, at home, or at stores and solve the issue. Through the actions of ROI the fire truck, children can learn how to act in fire accidents and how to prevent fire, as well as fire safety rules. The series is comprised of 26 episodes, including “Don’t Hide When There’s a Fire” and “Be Careful in the Kitchen.”